We aim for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Great Results

Server Uptime
Annual Growth
Customer Support within 4 Hours
Product Return Rate

Unlimited Possibilities

We grow as and where we see the possibility for expansion. Bringing our unique blend of awesome customer service and support with our aggressive adverting and expansion, only made possible due to our ability to scale effectively and effortlessly.

Quick & Easy Delivery for our customers.

We use a mix of UK, Chinese and Hong Kong based warehouses to get products to our customers based on their requirements. We can have an order to any person in the world within 72 hours if necessary.

Privacy and Protection

All our Web Shops are fully secured using SSL and are fully PCI compliant. Due to our aggressive expansion we sometimes face attacks from competitors, mainly from China, in the form of DDOS and Brute Force attacks, we are fully equipped to deal with these and to this date have not been taken down by one.

User friendly support

We provide quick and easy support through our automated help centre but where a human touch is needed we are always there for our customers.

Modern Design

All our sites are designed to look great as well as driving sales.

High Quality

We only sell products that we think are great, which explains why we have such a low return rate.

Ultra Responsive

Quickly answering customers questions at the heart of what makes us able to keep our return rate so low.

Want to get in touch, just email us at the address above.